Day 12

Day 12 – From “Two Jokes and a Blowjob” 

I was told this joke when I was maybe five or six  years old on a train to the seaside by a boyfriend of my sisters. I didn’t really get the joke and it plagued me for years and would run it through my mind.

There was an Irishman, a Jew, and a German

and they’re waiting to be whipped…..50 lashes.

They get a last request because they would usually die from…from the 50 lashes.

They ask the Irishman what his last request is and he says “I’ll have a bottle of whiskey”.

He drinks it and they give him 50 lashes. He dies.

They ask the Jew “What is your last request?”. The Jew says “I want to pray”. He prays and gets 50 lashes an as the Jew is on his last breath a beam of light comes down from heaven and keeps him alive.

The German is amazed. He thinks “My God! Ve have been persecuting these peoples for years, exterminating them, and thinking that they are vermin but the Jew prayed and I saw, God, The King of the Jews, the one true God saved him”.

The prison guards ask the German “What is your last request?”

The German says “I vould like zee Jew on my back”


This is one of mine:

I went into Specsavers and ordered a Big Mac and fries to go…


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