Day 28

Day 27 – Rejecting the Rabbit

I am exhausted and writing to you today is difficult. I need to be open and honest with you about that. There is something I’d like to show you. It is something I wrote last year and deals with the  feelings of displacement.


“You’re not from around here are you?” they say. We know the phrase from television and film. It has become a catch all idiom which becomes the small town, village, or allotment. I hear it a lot and I will go into that later. What does it say about me? Or rather what does it say about them? “You’re not from around here?” implies a paradigm, a character of “Here”. What is “Here”? What does it represent…”Here”? They have an idea of “Here” which is not you. You do not fit. Ask them what it is to be from “Here” and they will be hard pressed to give you an answer, but they can tell you what it is not. It is not punks or poofs, posh boys or waifs, independent thought and revolutionary ideas, don’t stand out from the crowd and keep in line. Is it as bad as this? No, it is so much simpler; “Here” is known, safe. To be inquisitive of strangers is the most guttural expression of humanity; the great survival of the fittest. “Is he friend or foe?”. “Let’s find out” they collectively breathe. This is us at our most human and at our worst.

In times gone by a small group, village or family would defend their land or die, because land meant food. “But that is defensible. Why shouldn’t you protect your land and food and fight to survive?” To that I answer, What happens when you have more food than you need? Do you give it away? Doubtful. Do you sell it or trade? Most likely. And this is how we got ourselves into the mess we are in now. Commerce. The have’s and the have not’s, men shackled to industry, poverty and privilege. It all start here. “Here” is my bit of land.

And what of me? Am I from Here? No, never have been. “Here” is a place you are tied to by family or geography, by choice or opportunity, or lack of thereof, perhaps. I do not know the “Here” that they speak of. They are not part of me as much as i am part of them. This has been written of many times and repeated often by those of us also not from “Here”. To know no boundary whether by race, religion, sex or denomination, by country, creed, politic or philosophy. I have no land to defend, and what I have I share freely. “I” ideologically, he smirks…”Not that, that’s mine!” Human you see. All too human.


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